February 23, 2024

Active Password Changer Ultimate 13.1.31 Serial Key 2024 Free Download

Active Password Changer Download 13.1.31 plans that will aid you in resetting the password to get a particular Windows user to recoup the documents in your folders. It may be helpful when you forget some users’ passwords with significant info in their folders. This technique allows you to log in using a blank password and recover the vital files if you don’t recall the password. The program features a simple-to-use interface that’s available even for casual users. Two elements allow you to make a mobile disc and a bootable CD-ROM from the package. These may allow you to reset the password even if you can’t log into any accounts.

Main Point:

  • Active@ Password Changer Crack is designed to reset local administrators.’
  • users’ passwords on the Windows operating system if an Administrator’s password is forgotten or lost.
  • You don’t need to reinstall and reconfigure the operating system to log into Windows.

Active@ Password Changer 2024 Review Free

When developing a bootable disc, you can choose the media type and what to add to the DVD. It is helpful when someone forgets the first password. Despite the software, there’s no need to reinstall or reconfigure the specific app. Instead, you use the busy changer and find the brand new password. This program supports multiple drives and gets the power to detect the many SAM databases. Active Password, Changer License Key, allows SAM to be selected before password retrieval.

Key Features:

  •  Detects and shows all Microsoft Security Databases (SAM)
  •  Shows all Regional users
  •  Shows full account info for any local consumer
  •  Resets administrator’s/user’s password
  • Windows Bootable Disk Creator creates bootable discs in various formats — CD/DVD/Blu-ray, USB flash, or an ISO image.
  • Ability to alter (set or clear) user’s accounts flags: “User must change password at next logon,” “Password never expires,” “Account is disabled,” and “Account is locked out.”
  • Ability to handle logon period (Permitted logon hours) to get a local use
  • Supports FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 file systems
  • Supports IDE SATA eSATA USB SSD SCSI disks and RAIDs

Free Latest PRO:

  • Old surgeries systems helped: DOS variant for MS-DOS, PC-DOS, DR-DOS, FreeDOS, OpenDNS, and Windows version for Windows 95 / 98 / ME.
  • New! Support for MBR and GPT disk partitioning fashions
  • New! The ultimate bundle includes Linux-based Energetic @ LiveCD, which can boot on the most recent x86 & x64 UEFI-safe boot systems!

System Requirements:

  • Intel or AMD 64 bit
  • 1 GB or more RAM
  • 300 MB free Disc space

What’s Going On?

  • Active Password Changer Ultimate is designed to reset local administrators’ and users’ passwords on the Windows operating system if an Administrator’s password is forgotten or lost. You don’t need to reinstall and reconfigure the operating system to log into Windows.
  • With Active@ Password Changer, you can log in as an Administrator or a particular user with a blank password.
  • Active Password Changer Ultimate  also provides the ability to manage during which days and times of the week the user account is permitted to log on to the computer
  • . It helps prevent logging on for your chosen account (or removing that prohibition).

Working Updated-2024

  • Password Changer and LiveCD
  • Password Changer software and Bootable Disk Creator for Windows

How to Install?

  1. Click download
  2. Install the installation
  3. Run the exe file
  4. Duplicate the item key on the stage and glue it to the installation box
  5. Finish the steps
  6. Done and enjoy.

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Active@ Password Changer 13.1.31 Serial Key Latest Version Free Download

There’s available the listing of those regional users. It’s pretty straightforward to use the applications as it’s user-friendly applications. Once you put it in, open the port and apply settings based on your need. When you trigger, it automatically upgrades and notifies you about the upgrade. It’s multiple supports with WMI support, windows scripting, bulk storage devices, and more. It additionally supports GPT disk partitioning mode.

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License Key


Activation Key


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Log on to the pt gets the capacity to detect and display Microsoft safety databases. Active@ Password Changer also allows handling the times and days of the week. The user accounts are allowed to c, which is beneficial for avoiding logging in for the bill you select (or eliminating that sort of prohibition).

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