July 15, 2024
WhatSender Pro crack

WhatSender Pro v15.2.0.0 Download 2024 LATEST

WhatSender Pro Crack v15.2.0.0 is an excellent WhatsApp marketing tool since it allows us to simultaneously send messages to several contacts from our PC desktop. It is also programmed to send mass Whatsapp messages from a PC simply and effectively. It uses Whatsapp Web technology but adds valuable features such as Whatsapp Marketing and simultaneously sending messages to several customers. Furthermore, here are why you should use Whatsender Pro v15.2.0.0 Cracked to contact your friends/family members or potential clients to execute professional Whatsapp advertising.

Key Features:

  • Make and send prewritten messages (with the recipient’s name) directly from your PC.
  • Capacity to see the mission’s report (from the LOG segment)
  • Send Whatsapp messages to people who aren’t saved in your address book.
  • Import contacts from a paper or physical (CSV or TXT)
  • Create many versions of the letter for all communications and avoid spam or boycotts.
  • Make it possible for all Whatsapp group members to communicate with each other using WhatSender.
  • Possibility of planning the sending and setting a delay between messages to avoid being restricted
  • Create and send Whatsapp messages using viral photos and videos.

Free Version Update 2023 Utility App

  • Furthermore, WhatSender v15.2.0.0 is an application that allows you to send bulk Whatsapp messages from your PC in a robust and straightforward method.
  • Create and send customized messages (with the beneficiary’s name or other “factors”).
  • Import contacts manually or from a database (CSV or TXT)
  • Multi-Account (Multi-Channel) allows you to simultaneously send messages from many WhatsApp accounts.
  • Naturally, create many versions of the letter to all contacts and avoid spam or boycotts.
  • Furthermore, the ability to view the mission’s report (from the LOG area)

What is the WhatSender Crack, and how does it work?

  • Using WhatSender, get all Whatsapp group members to contact each other.
  • Create and send Whatsapp messages using viral photos and videos.
  • Checking many Whatsapp and non-Whatsapp phones (numbers channel included).
  • In 2022, what is the best WhatsApp marketing software?

What makes you think you’re a fast planner?

  • Allwebmart
  • Bulk WhatsApp Sender
  • WappBlaster

Quick Planner:

Quick Planner, WhatsApp’s promotional programming is available on many of its sender devices and aids in promoting web-based material. Furthermore, it has a flexible application to ensure that sending WhatsApp messages in groups is straightforward. It includes an easy-to-use interface and can send unlimited WhatsApp messages to your target clientele. It’s an excellent tool for small businesses to create effective WhatsApp and social media campaigns on a shoestring budget.


Small businesses widely use the Allwebmart Whatsapp Bulk Sender service. Organizations may use a realistic structure, all things being equal. You may send up to 5,000 messages daily, about 20 texts per second. Is it invigorating? WhatSender Pro Crack Full Version ensures your company’s growth is advertised quickly and effectively.

  • Bulk WhatsApp Sender:

The most advanced WhatsApp Bulk Sender programming ever is WhatsApp Bulk Sender. Pictures, recordings, and advertising ideas may all be shared in bulk. There is a free demo available.

  • Wappblaster:

Wappblaster is the most influential group for advertising programs, which may be displayed in various ways, including unlimited character text, photos with subtitles, and recordings with inscriptions. We also supply master arrangements to our partners. We have faith in assistance and support.

Technical Specifications:

  • Windows 10 (32&64 bit), Windows 8/7/Vista, and XP are all supported.

System Requirements:

  • Also, As an administrator, I run the software.
  • Make Chrome your default browser.
  • Also, make sure you have Net Framework >=4.6 installed.
  • Note that WhatSender’s FREE edition does not enable you to copy or import numerous contacts from a file (CSV or TXT)

What’s the deal with the WhatSender Crack?

  • Also, manually import contacts or import contacts from a file (CSV or TXT)
  • Multi-account (multi-channel) to send messages from man what App accounts.
  • Additionally, create and send WhatsApp messages with viral photographs and videos.
  • Viewing the campaign report is an option (from the LOG section)
  • Use a list of all Whatsapp group members to contact them. Marketing
  • Bulk verification of WhatsApp and non-WhatsApp phone numbers is also available (number filter function).

What is the procedure for installing WhatSender Pro Crack?

  • Download WhatSender Crack as well.
  • Concentrate on the program and introduce it (dispatch Setup)
  • Don’t launch the application yet; exit it if it’s already running. Duplicate CrackedRecordsd from
  • Crack to Establishment Dir

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WhatSender Pro v15.2.0.0 Crack + Keygen Full Free [Download] 2024

WhatSender Pro Serial Key With Latest Version v15.2.0.0 Free Download is a natural, simple, and fantastic tool that lets you send Bulk Whatsapp Messages directly from your PC. You may use this tool to send comparable messages to unlimited contacts and replicate and import contacts. WhatSender Keygen also provides a quick and easy way to send stack messages without wasting time, allowing you to use all of WhatsApp’s features.

 Activation Key: ASQW2-76UY7-56TY6-ERRE3-53R34

 Registration Key: 34WW3-65YT6-YG56R-5TRGF-6T533

Serial Key: SDW43-54434-E2345-54TR3-54TE3-53RE4

WhatSender is based on the Whatsapp Web platform, but it has features allowing you to execute Whatsapp Marketing and simultaneously deliver messages to several customers.

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